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Pneumatic Spray Gun

Nordson LS 373

Innovative cold adhesive gun delivers widely adjustable, precise spray patterns.

The LS 373 pneumatic spray gun provides high-precision spray capability through adjustable dual-air pressure and adhesive volume control. The innovative nozzle design delivers precise, wide spray patterns with a broad range of adhesives and is particularly suited for packaging and folding carton applications. The dual-air capability provides for wider spray while achieving exact spray patterns; the air spins the adhesive bead giving better edge control than traditional aerated spray guns. Individual adjustment screws allow control of internal and external spray air pressure, and integrated needle-stroke adjustment gives accurate adhesive volume control. The LS 373 spray gun construction of corrosion resistant material deters damage from aggressive adhesives. The narrow body profile facilitates easy installation on most parent machinery. A 12.7 mm (0.5 in.) round mounting clamp is included to simplify installation.

Features and Benefits

  • Dual air-spray capability provides wider spray patterns, even with high viscosity adhesives.

  • Needle design accommodates a wide viscosity range.

  • Integrated needle-stroke adjustment gives accurate adhesive volume control.

  • Spiral spray maintains close substrate edge tolerance to help reduce overspray.

  • Use of corrosion resistant materials deters damage from aggressive adhesives.

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