Norda's metering system and Nordson's dispensing system can be used in following cosmetics production:

  • Makeup Boxes Assembly (e.g. blush, eye shadow, pressed powder, etc.​​​)

  • Makeup Mirror Bonding Assembly

  • Lipstick Assembly

  • ​Skin Care Product Filling

  • Mask Essence Filling

To attract more consumers, customers in the cosmetic pay attention to not only the product function but also the product appearance and packaging. The glue dispensing process, for example, powder box and the outer box assembly, makeup mirror assembly and lipstick assembly require small glue dots, stable glue amount, and firm adhesion. Nordson dispensing system and Nordson Saturn single orifice or multi-orifice nozzle ensure the glue amount is stable and accurate, and you can choose the suitable nozzle size and angle according to different needs.

dual bead nozzle.jpg

▲ Nordson Saturn Dual-Orifice Nozzle

In the skin care products filling process, the materials such as essences need to be accurately quantified to reduce waste because of the high material costs. Norda's UBA precise metering pump uses a precise ceramic plunger to quantify materials. Lotion or essence can be filled with the output tolerance within ±0.5% whether they have a thick and creamy texture, or with a good fluidity.

In cosmetics application, Norda recommends the following equipment: