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Mobile Devices and Wearables

Mobil Device

Nordson EFD continues to exceed the expectations of the mobile device and wearables industry with reliable, precise, sophisticated fluid dispensing solutions that yield better quality, reduce waste, and increase profitability.

Nordson precision fluid dispensing systems deliver the accuracy, consistency, and speed required to meet consumer demand for thinner, lighter, more sophisticated Internet-connected devices at a lower price.

Each component used in manufacturing smart phones, tablets, wearables, and other devices has a different set of requirements for fluid handling, placement, and application. Nordson EFD offers a full line of solutions that meet those requirements.

From display and printed circuit board (PCB) to compact camera module (CCM) and microspeaker applications, EFD’s benchtop and automated dispensing systems deliver greater yields with less waste, rejects, and rework.

For example, PICO pulse jet delivers unrivaled non-contact micro-dispensing repeatability at fast speeds over long periods of time, regardless of environmental factors. It is ideal for display, PCB, CCM, and optical bonding applications.

For CCM assembly, Nordson EFD offers multiple dispensing solutions for each dispense point — more than 20 in each tiny compact camera module. Applications include securely attaching image sensor dies, repeatable magnet-to-yoke bonding in voice coil motors (VCMs), and precision lens bonding.



Pico Pulse Jetting Valve


EV Series Table


797PCP Progressive Cavity Pump

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