Nordson Dispensing,

Coating, UV Curing

Custom Nordson system integration and solutions.


Engineering Team

Provide Nordson Custom Solutions

Custom Nordson UV Curing System

Nordson UV Custom System

Conveyor and cooling designs allow low temperature, high energy applications in optical film, touch panel, micro lens, and heat-sensitive electronic components. 

CMOS Image Sensor UV Curing

PUR Bonding


Precise output independent of changing air pressure and adhesive viscosity.  Perfect for display edge hotmelt bonding applications.

Dispensing With Extreme Precision

silicone dispensing


Cold material metering dispensing for 300ml cartridge, application with epoxy, silicone and polyurethane with dispense requirement of ±2% .

Metering Station Add-on:

Shortcut To Achieve CPK

Custom Nordson Coater

Nordson Hotmelt Custom Coater

Norda engineering team provide customized solutions with Nordson hotmelt system to your specific coating requirements.