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E-Commerce Packaging


Smart Solutions for E-Commerce Packaging

Nordson’s precise adhesive application technology for On-Demand packaging at E-Commerce packaging machines.

Nordson operates in more than 30 countries. This includes local support teams, engineers and manufacturing operations. Our customers benefit worldwide of our market scale to support the growing high-demanding E-Commerce market, which has experienced an unprecedented wave of exponential growth in recent years.

Precision Adhesive Application

Nordson application systems are designed to meet the demands of E-commerce packaging and sustainability regulations. This incorporates also a highly flexible, accurate, reliable precision application of adhesive to E-Commerce packaging.

Customers benefit from our user friendly and easily adjustable application systems to use their production materials in the most efficient way. Our optional quality monitoring system makes sure that you will meet your sustainability targets as it avoids producing waste or the use of excessive resources.

Monitoring system makes sure that you will meet your sustainability targets as it avoids producing waste or the use of excessive resources.

On-Demand Quality Packaging to Meet Customer Needs

Nordson's flexible and precise adhesive application systems support the unique requirements of customized E-Commerce packaging:

Automatic E-Commerce packaging machines customizing each package based on the individual product size that needs to be packed. Nordson application systems can easily be fully integrated in these automated E-commerce packaging machines to support the highly precise and reliable adhesive application required.

The E-commerce business is even during the day highly versatile and this requires a flexible machine output, leading to specific adhesive application system requirements. The application system needs to be ready at any time, so the adhesive must be at application temperature. To minimize the degradation of adhesive under temperature, Nordson melter has a melt-on-demand feature, to prevent adhesive temperature stress, as only a very small amount of adhesive is molten due to the absence of an adhesive tank.

Easy and safe operation is also key in this high demanding E-Commerce market. The fulfill system is especially designed to automatically process the adhesive granulates from a (cold) bin to the Nordson melter and to avoid all necessary operator contact with high temperature parts. Also the Nordson components are designed to be touch safe or can be equipped with optional covers. Our hot melt system is modular and

scalable to match the optimum application needs, but is also flexible to upgrade future production needs.

Sustainability is currently one of the key trends in many markets! Nordson provides energy efficient equipment and has also adhesive verification and flow monitoring equipment to optimize the adhesive production process. This ensures efficient use of

resources and no unnecessary waste and/or too much adhesive is applied to ensure that the box is closed.

Best-In-Class Solutions for E-Commerce Box On-Demand Packaging

Nordson® offers a complete adhesive application system consisting of a ProBlue® Flex Melter and depending on the application a MiniBlue® II Slim Applicator or for paper web applications a Harmony™ Applicator.

The ProBlue Flex is advanced technology that adapts to any operation with ease of use and simplicity. It is easy configurable to match the application requirements.

The available Melt-on-Demand™ feature ensures that the system is ready at any time without jeopardizing the adhesive quality as it minimizes temperature stress on

the adhesive.

It is available with a Electronic Pressure Run-up to automatically adapt the required amount of adhesive based on machine varieties like speed and different adhesive application lengths. Further more the advanced temperature management offered by the SmartMelt™ Technology saves energy, and keeps the melter ready for instant production ramp up. The SmartMelt design and algorithm reduces the grid temperature when production has stopped or interrupted.

The system also features our cutting-edge BBconn™ Controls Platform that will provide you with connectivity, remote accessibility and the data you need to meet your continuous improvement goals.

The MiniBlue II Slim Applicator equipped with patented hydraulic seal technology delivers the longest applicator life time, reliability and lowest-maintenance effort in the E-Commerce market. The SureBead® modules ensure clog-free operation, as it has a selfcleaning needle and seat design. The long-life time prevent unexpected production stops and incase of issues the EasyOn™ Interface reduces maintenance time, allowing for quick changeovers and maximum uptime for your line.

The Harmony Applicator for slot applications on paper webs features special coatings to deliver exceptional life time. The high degree of spare-part commonality and quick exchange possibility of service components will lead to lower inventory and maintenance costs and less downtime.

To meet your sustainability goals the Nordson application system can be equipped with TrueFlow™ ATS to track adhesive consumption and add-on weight per product, the user-adjustable adhesive-volume tolerance band limits makes sure that production quality issues are recognized right away to avoid production loss. Nordson’s EcoBead™ Inspect will help you to reach continuous improvement goals through adhesive savings and reduce waste.

Fast, Reliable Service and Parts

The ProBlue Flex, MiniBlue II Slim and Harmony applicators feature many spare-part commonalities and the quick, easy exchange of service components. This helps ensure low inventory and maintenance costs, and less downtime. Nordson’s global service and support organization is always ready and available with reliable, local technicians to support.


ProBlue Flex Melter

MiniBlue II Applicator

Harmony Applicator

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