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EV Battery Dispensing

ev battery dispensing

Cell Component Production

-Polymer Processing & Fluid Coating Systems

As global leaders in polymer processing solutions, Nordson's technology is used worldwide to melt, filter, and pelletize polymers. Nordson's extrusion and slot die systems are used to support battery customers and OEMs in the production of key components used in cell manufacturing. This includes the manufacturing of separators and soft-pack external casings, as well as the application of anode, cathode, and insulation coatings. Nordson also provide ancillary equipment for added safety and reduced maintenance downtime and enhanced product quality through customized manifolds. This technical know-how is backed by years of experience in the field of die design and manufacturing, providing you with superbly reliable equipment that will not just refine your final product, but maximize the overall efficiency of your production process. Innovative hot melt gluing solutions contribute to next-gen z-fold or separator stacking battery and solid-state battery.

-Measurement and Process Control

Production processes for high-performance lithiumion batteries (LiB) used in mobile devices, electric (EV/HV) vehicles, and stationary energy storage systems must adhere to very high-quality standards to ensure maximum performance, the utmost safety, and the longest battery lifespan. Nordson's measurement solutions for battery electrode cell production stand apart from conventional gauging methods by offering a complete end-toend system solution from basis weight measurement of anode and cathode coatings to final product thickness measurement in the roll press line. You benefit from greater process visibility and control, so you exceed the market demand for outstanding quality and performance ...  while realizing bottom-line advantages.

Cell Assembly

When it comes to cell manufacturing, Nordson deliver precise, reliable fluid dispensing systems to help the world’s battery manufacturers meet their efficiency needs. Nordson's technologies deliver highly repeatable, consistent fluid deposition while reducing material waste, rejects and rework. Nordson's products dispense materials for anode and cathode coating and bonding, electrolyte filling, electrode cell bonding, winding friction prevention, cell edge protection, and separator fixing. This broad range of precision solutions includes benchtop dispensers, dispense and spray valves, innovative jetting technologies, and automated dispensing robots.

In addition to a full line of dispensing solutions, we also support quality assurance through x-ray testing and other inspection technologies. From overhang measurement and layer count verification, to weld and bond destructive testing or pull and shear testing, our proven technology ensures the highest quality standards and consistency from cell to cell.

Module Production

Nordson's module production solutions are flexible enough for any size and speed of manufacturing process, from manual applications to fully automated production. Whether cylindrical, prismatic or softpack, we have a solution to bond, secure, or apply thermal management materials for the assembly of cells into modules. We can also dramatically improve speed and accuracy of module assembly, cell stacking, component bonding, battery cell bonding, solder paste dispensing, module cover sealing, module structural bonding, and encapsulation.

Battery Pack Assembly

Ensuring a battery cell module provides enough power with the correct form and fit for the end product is no simple task. Precisely why we offer a variety of solutions that allow materials to be dispensed accurately into difficult to access channels and locations, preventing material overflow and ensuring clean pack assembly. With years of experience in this field, we can call on the expertise required to provide precision potting and gap filling solutions to support power distribution and thermal management throughout the battery pack. In fact, we’ve developed applications for everything from cars to buses to aircraft and energy storage including pack lid bonding, pack cover gasketing, power distribution potting, battery pack encapsulation, thermal management and materials dispensing.


MiniBlue II Applicator

Universal Applicator

Foam Melter

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