Tape & Label Stock

Norda's coating and laminating machine can be applied to:


Norda's coating and laminating machine specialize in hotmelt dispensing. Norda coater is equipped with Nordson hot melt adhesive dispensing system, which uses gear pump to meter pressure sensitive adhesives (PSA) accurately and continuously, with an optional UV curing system. Norda's coating machine is suitable for manufacturing of various tapes that use different kinds of hotmelt adhesives.

The pressure-sensitive adhesive materials used in hydrocolloid dressing products, such as acne patch, scar removal patch, artificial skin, etc.,are usually mixed with Carboxymethyl Cellulose (CMC), water-absorbing molecules, in order to effectively absorb the tissue fluid exuded from the wound and keep the wound moist to speed up recovery. And these special adhesives have high viscosity, and easily carbonize and precipitate. Norda's hydrocolloid dressing products solution can prevent the system from being clogged, producing defective products or shutting down through a special flow channel design and correct filter selection. From material coating to final product packaging, Norda ensures customers to understand the manufacturing process of hydrocolloid dressings in a short time, and can quickly put into production.