ND-4000 Hotmelt Coater

ND-4000 Series Single-Wall Hotmelt Coater

Norda ND-4000 Series single-wall coating and laminating machine has a simple and compact design. Equipped with Nordson hot melt adhesive coating equipment, digital automatic tension controller and web-guiding controller. ND-4000 Coater ensures the precision repeatability of gluing and laminating, and is able to achieve full coating, intermittent coating, and spray coating.


  • Glue Width: Max. 400 mm

  • Speed: Max. 300 m/min

  • Operation Temperature: Max. 230 ℃

  • Glue thickness: 15g/㎡-200g/㎡

  • Unwinder: 1 set, 400 mm D

  • Rewinder: 2 sets, 300 mm D

  • Can integrate with UV lamp and corona treatment

  • Suitable for hook and loop, diapers, sanitary napkins

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