Norda SuperCool Microwave UV Curing System

Norda SuperCool UV Curing System integrates with Nordson CoolWave II microwave curing equipment, and has air-cooling system and aero-dynamic structural design. SuperCool is able to maintain the temperature below 55℃ while reaching UVA energy output of 13.5J/c㎡.

  • Low-temperature, High-energy UV curing.

  • Suitable for touch screen, optical films, semiconductor packaging, CMOS image sensor packaging.

  • Operation Temperature: Below 55℃, ensuring products would not be deformed due to high temperature and improving the yield.

  • Long Service Life: Electrodeless UV bulb has 5~8 times longer service life than the electrode one does.

  • Integrates with  Nordson CoolWave II UV system.

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