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Pneumatic Check Valve

UBA P1–C/P2-C Series

The UBA P-C Series Pumps are designed for dispensing low to medium viscosity liquid without contain particles.

The P1-C/P2-C series metering pumps are equipped with precision check valve design, suitable for precise liquid dispensing of various low to medium viscosity fluids (1-20,000 CPS) without particles.

With a microliter capacity differential head and an integral built-in speed controller, the pumps can accurately control the volume and speed of liquid dispensing, achieving precise metering under various requirements.

This series of metering pumps offer extremely high metering accuracy and repeatability, with accuracy better than plus or minus five per thousand.

The standard pump models feature a fully 316 stainless steel structure, providing better corrosion resistance for all pump components.


  • Precise micrometers volume adjustment and built-in speed  control system ensure dispensing accuracy and plunger motion speed control, by which the pumps are suitable for different working condition. Typical accuracy is within ±0.5.

  • Complete 316 stainless steel pump construction.

    The P1-C series has a stroke of 12.7mm and a liquid dispensing range of 0 to 2.5mL. The P2-C series has a stroke of 25.4mm and a liquid dispensing range of 0 to 20mL.

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