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Pneumatic Rotary Valve

UBA P4–R Series

The UBA Rotary Valve Style Dispensing Pumps are designed for dispensing medium to high viscosity liquid, gel or the liquid contain particles.

The UBA P4 Series Rotary Valve Style Metering Pumps are designed for medium to high viscosity liquid (< 100000 cps) in different applications with dispensing of 0 ml to 230ml per shot. These pumps have been proven reliability having serviced the cosmetic, food, pharmaceutical and other industries for many years.


  • Precise pneumatic drive assembly with  micro- meter volume adjustor, independent stroke  speed control units. 

  • Modular  design,  easy to disassemble,   clean  and maintain.  Easy to integrate with filling system.

  • Forward position sensor to control backward  stroke of plunger . 

  • Precise Rotary Valve for high and medium viscosity liquid or the liquid contain particle.

  • Ceramic Plunger,  316 stainless steel pump body, suitable for different liquids. Fluorine plastic pump body is available as  option for acid liquid.

  • High accuracy each shot within 0.5%.

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