Microwave UV Curing

Norda's microwave UV curing system has low temperature, high energy and high stability, and can be used in:

  • CIS (CMOS Image Sensor) Packaging

  • ​Semiconductor Packaging

  • ​Chip Module

  • Optical Film

  • Touch Panel

  • Color Filter

  • Blu-ray Disc

In the product UV curing process, the high temperature generated by high-energy UV equipment often swells and deteriorates UV adhesives, and reduces productivity. Nordson CoolWave II UV Curing System is equipped with a patented dichroic-coated reflector. The special reflector does not reflect the heat-generating infrared rays and reduce the heat by 20%-25%.

In addition, Norda's microwave UV curing equipment (SuperCool), integrated with the Nordson CoolWave II microwave UV curing system, uses high-energy microwave to activate the UV bulb, which can instantly emit up to 13.5J/c㎡ of UVA energy.  The build-in cooling system and aerodynamic design keep the temperature below 55℃, which can greatly increase the production capacity and yield rate. Norda's SuperCool UV curing system has successfully reduced the customer's CIS packaging defect rate from 5% to 1%.

The most recommended microwave UV curing equipment: