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2K Dispenser

Nordson Pro-Meter V2K

Precision + Performance = Pro-Meter V2K
Positively the toughest compact 2K meter around

Big on reliability

With an innovative design and tough construction, it won’t let you down when you need to get the job done, without compromising on quality or production speed, whatever you throw in the mix; whether it’s abrasives or filled materials.

Massive on precision

Positive rod displacement metering technology proportions materials to the exact volumetric ratio specified by manufacturers, time and time again; even with notoriously difficult materials like abrasives that can cause machine wear. It’s a technology innovation that’s field proven in over 10,000 diverse worldwide industry installations and counting.

Small on size

Such big benefits don’t come with a large footprint to match. With a base that measures just 17” (432mm) x 31” (788mm), the compact benchtop unit is one of the smallest around, allowing it to quickly get to work in virtually any workshop location.

Low on costs

The costs of ownership are equally predictable. Not only does the unit come with one of the lowest price tags for this specification, but it also reduces stoppage time and maintenance for more metering at less expense.


It’s what goes into the V2K that makes what comes out so accurate and predictable. Nordson dispensing expertise, plus the latest technological innovations have helped create the small 2K meter that thinks big with ratios from 1:1 to 20:1, and single stroke shots up to 184cc – the highest volume available on the market.

Powered by Positive Rod Precision

Positive Rod displacement metering and air drive technology proportions materials to the exact volumetric ratio specified by manufacturers that demand the highest standards of accuracy.

• Dispense abrasive and filled materials with no loss of accuracy.

• Accurate 1:1 to 20:1 ratio metering means wider production flexibility.

• Rods do not touch cylinder walls, reducing wear and downtime.

• Self contained units with dual Polymite seals for longer service life and ratio performance.

• Optional patented ScoreGuard® coated rods and housing further increase lifespan.

Versatile feed system

Easy gravity-fed loading of pourable materials – no pumps needed. A pressure feed option is also available for higher viscosity materials.

Advanced valve technology

Snuf Bak™ or No Drip® valve options allow precision handling of both high and low viscosity materials.

Compact benchtop unit

Measuring just 31” (788 mm) x 31” (788mm) x 17” (432 mm), the compact unit is a true benchtop device that can quickly and easily be located where the work is required.

Tough design

Durable stainless steel construction and tough build quality for longer working life.

Complete system

Expand the unit’s capability with a comprehensive range of fully compatible ancillary pumps, valves and static mixers from Nordson.

Accurate controls

• Large, easy-to-use color screen for easy programming and simple set up, operation and monitoring. • Save and recall mix profiles for fast set up and production consistency.

• Production consistency and quality assurance due to a +/- 1% ratio accuracy – enabling you to stay on ratio and prevent rework.

• Linear feed control functionality means added dispense speed control for single stroke shots up to 184cc.

• Purge timer alerts operator before material expires, preventing blocked valve or mixer.

• Optional material level sensors notify operators when tanks need to be refilled.

• Optional pressure transducers to independently monitor side A and side B dispense and reload pressures to ensure material mix consistency.

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