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4 Axis PROPlus

4 Axis Table

EFD 4 Axis PROPlus

The vision-guided 4-axis PROPlus Series dispensing system features a rotating table for less wear and tear and unmatched R-axis repeatability of 0.005°.

Nordson EFD’s 4-axis PROPlus automated fluid dispensing system features a rotating table that reduces vibration, improves repeatability, and creates less wear and tear on the robot than standard 4-axis robots that use a rotating head. It also allows users to mount taller, heavier dispensing devices on the robot head for added versatility.

The modular design allows for both 4-axis and 3-axis configurations for added flexibility with a wide range of fluid dispensing applications. It can accommodate dispensing tips as small as 33 ga, ideal for small, intricate medical device and electronic parts.

It also includes the same features as our PROPlus Series including specialized DispenseMotion™ software, integrated CCD vision, and optional laser height detection, and best-in-class X, Y, and Z-axis repeatability of ±0.003 mm. Unique to the 4-axis PROPlus is R-axis repeatability of 0.005°, providing the perfect solution for precise 360° dispensing.


  • Modular design for 3- and 4-axis applications

  • Dual linear guide, advanced servomotor, and ball screw actuation

  • Simplified setup and programming

  • On-screen preview and confirmation of the dispense path

  • Constant closed-loop feedback


  • Best-in-class X, Y, and Z-axis repeatability and speed at ±0.003 mm and R-axis repeatability of 0.005°

  • Improved quality and consistency

  • Rotating table creates less vibration that reduces wear and tear and improves longevity of the robot

  • Easy integration into existing manufacturing operations

  • Faster speed for higher product output

4-axis Dispensing Meets Precision

The 4-axis PROPlus provides precision and reliability with R-axis repeatability of 0.005°.

Laser Height Sensing

  • Pinpoint accuracy with optional laser height sensing

  • Better dispensing

Both Laser B and Laser C detect variations on the surface of a product and allow the robot to automatically adjust the tip dispensing height, preventing uneven deposits and tip or workpiece damage. Use laser C for higher precision, detection of reflective or translucent surfaces, or detection of small areas or ledges less than 700 µm.

Smart Vision

  • Precise repeatability with powerful CCD camera

  • Higher product quality and throughput

All PROPlus / PRO Series systems include a CCD camera that converts pixels to digital values to deliver precise, high-quality images. The software confirms workpiece presence and placement and automatically adjusts as in-process variations occur.

Free Process Evaluation

Contact Nordson EFD to configure an automated dispensing system that meets your specific needs, with A complimentary process evaluation by experienced fluid dispensing experts.

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