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EV Series

XYZ Table

EFD EV Series Table

The EV Series automated fluid dispensing system is a tabletop robot that delivers easy automation for precise fluid applications with proprietary dispensing software and a simple vision pencil camera.

Specialized vision-guided DispenseMotion™ software and pencil camera make the EV Series easy to setup and program. True 3D motion control makes programming dots, lines, circles, arcs, and compound arcs fast and simple. Mark recognition allows easy part alignment, eliminating the need for precise fixturing.

Boost Production

The EV Series automated desktop dispensing robot uses visual placement and simple intuitive programming to boost production in any manufacturing process.

Save Time with DXF Import

DispenseMotion software allows users to easily import DXF files to convert a drawing into a fluid dispensing program. This saves a considerable amount of programming time.

Integrate Quickly

Get faster cycle and batch times with an automated dispensing system that quickly integrates into any manufacturing operation. With platforms that range from 200 x 200 mm to 620 x 500 mm, the EV Series is ideal for batching or critical industrial dispensing applications.The I/O port allows easy integration with accessories such as vacuum tables, vacuum pick and place, UV lights, and other automation.

Improve Quality Control

Verify fluid deposit placement and accuracy with the OptiSure™ automated optical inspection (AOI) software. The AOI system measures fluid deposit width and diameter, as well as placement accuracy.

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