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Pico Pluse

Jetting Valves

EFD Pico Pulse

PICO Pµlse ® exchangeable, modular jet valve technology dispenses with industry-leading accuracy and speed to apply precise, repeatable micro-deposits at 1000Hz continuous and bursts up to 1500Hz*.

The PICO Pµlse jet valve delivers faster, more precise jetting over any surface, including uneven and hard-to-reach surfaces. It dispenses with less turbulence for greater fluid deposit consistency, placement, and process control.

Remove the Barrier Between Speed and Accuracy

Even at max speed of 1000Hz continuous, the PICO Pµlse delivers industry-leading deposit size accuracy and repeatability, with deposits as small as 0.5 nL.

Improve Product Quality

Engineered for the most demanding production environments, PICO Pµlse is considered one of the most robust jet dispensing valves in the marketplace. When used with the PICO Toµch controller it is possible to achieve better stroke control, improved close time, and faster full stroke open time for exacting micro-deposit control.

Increase Production Throughput

Most importantly, the valve’s innovative tool-free latch mechanism allows for easy removal of wetted parts, reducing serviceability to seconds – significantly increasing production throughput. Its unique modular design and exchangeable parts allow it to dispense a wide range of assembly fluids and viscosities.

Meet Changing Demands

Its exchangeable, modular design provides flexibility to meet changing production demands. Select from a wide range of fluid body assemblies engineered to deliver precise, repeatable non-contact micro-dispensing for a variety of exacting application requirements. Available in a range of orifice sizes from 50-600 µm in diameter.

Industry Best-In-Class Jetting

Jetting or non-contact dispensing eliminates Z-axis movement for significantly faster production speeds, even over uneven or hard-to-reach surfaces. Dispense micro-deposits as small as 0.5 nL at up to 1000Hz continuous with up to 1500Hz maximum bursts* — an industry best in class. PICO Pµlse also offers improved thermal performance for greater viscosity stabilization. *With approved conditional settings.

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