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EFD PROPlus / PRO Series Table

The vision-guided PROPlus / PRO Series is Nordson EFD's most advanced automated dispensing system, designed and configured for precision and simplified usability.

As the only system that includes specialized DispenseMotion™ software with a fully integrated CCD smart vision camera and three types of feedback – contact, optical, and non-contact laser height sensing – the PROPlus / PRO Series ensures absolute accurate fluid placement, even over rough or uneven surfaces.

It delivers best-in-class dispensing performance and process control with closed-loop encoding and simplified, intuitive setup. Benefit from improved product quality and yield while tackling more complex projects that require very precise dispensing and fluid placement.

The PROPlus delivers best-in-class repeatability of +/- 0.003 mm and provides higher dispensing accuracy. Specialized software is designed to optimize the performance of PICO® and Liquidyn® jet valve systems. Fiducial recognition allows for multiple image captures for higher resolution offset.

Verify fluid deposit placement and accuracy with the OptiSure™ automated optical inspection (AOI) software. The AOI system measures fluid deposit width and diameter, as well as placement accuracy.


  • Dual linear guide, advanced servomotor, and ball screw actuation (PROPlus only)

  • Simplified setup and programming

  • On-screen preview and confirmation of the dispense path

  • Constant closed-loop feedback

  • Streamlined file import and conversion


  • Best-in-class repeatability and speed (PROPlus +/-0.003 mm; PRO +/- 0.004 mm)

  • Improved product quality and consistency

  • Easy integration into existing manufacturing operations

  • Quicker learning curve for operators, reducing labor costs

  • Faster speed for higher product output

  • Reduced production, material, and ownership costs

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