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Fluid Dispenser

EFD UltimusPlus I-II

EFD UltimusPlus™ fluid dispensers provide high-precision benchtop fluid dispensing control for advanced applications. These network capable dispensers use Ethernet compatibility with NX protocol via TCP/IP for Smart Factory integration.

Nordson EFD UltimusPlus™ fluid dispensers provide next level process control for advanced applications of glues, oils, greases, epoxy, silicones, sealants, cyanoacrylates, solder pastes, and other assembly fluids dispensed with syringe barrels manually or on automated systems.

Manual Applications

Simplify setup and operation with advanced touchscreen control of dispensing parameters. UltimusPlus is so easy to use it allows users to focus on making accurate, controlled deposits. Plus, full operator lockout of time, pressure, and vacuum settings prevents operator-to-operator variability between shifts.

Automated Applications

Because the dispenser features NX capability, it is remotely accessible. This allows it to be monitored and controlled from a personal computer, Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), and any plant controller that uses Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) to communicate via Ethernet.


UltimusPlus I

This unit features a 0.7-7.0 bar (10-100 psi) pressure regulator and is ideal for dispensing a wide range of fluids.


UltimusPlus II

This unit features a 0.02-1.0 bar (0.3-15 psi) pressure regulator and provides greater control when dispensing low-viscosity or thin fluids.

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