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Electronic Application


Mobile Devices and Wearables

Nordson EFD exceed the expectations of the mobile device and wearables industry with reliable, precise, sophisticated fluid dispensing solutions that yield better quality, reduce waste, and increase profitability.


CMOS Sensor UV Curing

SuperCool is able to maintain the temperature below 55 °C while UVA energy output reaches 13.5 J/cm2. It can solve the problem of product deficiency caused by the high temperature, and effectively reduce the defect rate from 5% to 1% .


PCB & SMT Assembly

Nordson ASYMTEK offers precise dispensing, jetting and conformal coating solutions to meet the many demands of printed circuit board assembly.


Camera Module Assembly

A range of dispensing technologies from Nordson ASYMTEK are successfully used in camera module and sensor assembly


Spin Coating Precision Metering Dispensing Solution

UBA precision metering pump has extremely high metering accuracy and consistent repeatability, effectively improving the yield of rotational coating products and reducing raw material costs.


Thermal Grease Coating

Norda thermal paste coating - Quick, Accurate and Automated

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