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Replacing the use of solvent with PU adhesive is the trend of the footwear industry to reduce environmental pollution and harm to the human body.


Nordson's hot melt adhesive dispensing system or cold glue equipment can accurately spray PUR hot melt adhesive and water-based PU glue. It is widely used in the shoe-making industry and is suitable for:

  • Shoe lasting

  • Sole bonding

In the shoe making process, Nordson's hot melt system can be used with the shoe lasting machine to form the shoe shape. And in the sole bonding application, Norda provides suitable equipment and solutions for using water-based PU glue or PUR hot melt adhesive. Nordson's precise spray valve can be used with other automation equipment, such as robots, three-axis tables, visual inspection, laser height measurement, etc.

Nordson system can precisely control the spray range, achieve the best spray edge control, and reduce pollution of shoe appearance and working environment.


AltaPUR Melter

VersaPail Melter

LS373 Applicator

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