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Electric Applicators

Nordson E400

High-speed, electric applicators that deliver superior accuracy and consistency to packaging lines

For high-speed bead applications, E-400 series electric guns provide optimum performance and superior accuracy. With cycle rates below 6 milliseconds, E-400 guns accommodate a wide range of viscosities and provide superior repeatability for greater bead pattern control and consistency.

The E-400BR applicator is an electric applicator developed for mid to high-speed packaging lines. With the ability to produce various bead, stitch, and dot patterns, the E-400BR can save on adhesive usage while improving package strength; thus, proving a quick return on investment. 

These applicators leverage the Saturn nozzles to deliver numerous nozzle configurations and the ability to tune the application quickly. The E-400BR has a high service life to ensure maximum efficiency and reduce total cost of ownership. Due to its electric actuation, pneumatics are not required; thus, allowing for additional savings in compressed air cost.

Compatible Drivers

  • Ecobead™ E (default is E-400BR settings)

  • LogiComm® Control System

  • LogiComm® OEM Gun Driver (will need to be programmed for E-400BR settings)

  • LogiComm® Universal Gun Driver (will need to be programmed for E-400BR settings)


  • Bottom Rebuildable (BR)-rebuildable module that offers a lowered cost of ownership

  • Compatiable with most drivers 

  • Fast cycle times to handle the fastest and most demanding applications 

  • Long service life for maximum efficiency and lowest cost of ownership 

  • Stitch capable-beads or dots for adhesive savings 

  • Saturn filter and nozzle compatible


  • An increase in uptime efficiency

  • Easy retrofit capability to existing pneumatic applicators through similar mounting

  • Low total cost of ownership

  • Low to no operating sound

  • No compressed air

  • No dynamic seals for long service life

  • Optimized bead deposition and package integrity

  • Provides higher package strength.

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