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【2022 Taipei Automation Exhibition】
Norda Sincerely Invites You to Participate



"The 2022 Taipei International Automation Industry Exhibition will take place from 8/24 to 8/27. Norda's booth is located on the 1st floor, P119 of Hall 2 at the Nangang Exhibition Center. In response to the trend of product miniaturization and production automation, Noda's exhibition theme is "The Ultimate Craftsmanship of Automatic Precision Dispensing."

In the manufacturing of electronic products, such as mobile phones, tablets, and laptops, which have short product life cycles, flexible production processes are required. Furthermore, the increasingly miniaturized designs of electronic products make the gluing conditions more and more stringent. Nordson EFD's glue dispensing equipment can be used for dispensing most electronic products and electrical components with hot melt adhesive or PUR hot melt adhesive, and precise dispensing can be achieved by combining a CCD vision system and a laser height measurement system on an XYZ three-axis platform or a robotic arm. For online automatic dispensing processes, Nordson ASYMTEK can provide a fast and accurate automatic dispensing system suitable for PCB & SMT assembly applications. Combined with various dispensing valves from EFD and ASYMTEK, different fluid dispensing requirements can be met in different dispensing processes.

In response to the curing of UV glue after dispensing, Norda will showcase various LED UV curing equipment in addition to the Nordson CoolWave high-energy ultra-low-temperature microwave UV curing equipment, providing a complete solution for various UV curing needs. Moreover, for different production injection requirements, from low viscosity to high viscosity, from extremely small to large capacity, Norda will demonstrate the UBA precision quantitative dispensing pump with high precision and repeatability, which is widely used in the production processes of battery electrolytes, biotechnology and pharmaceuticals, contact lenses, cosmetics, and other fields with strict requirements.

We welcome you to visit Norda's booth at 1st floor, P119 of Hall 2 at the Nangang Exhibition Center from 8/24 to 8/27 to experience the ultimate dispensing craftsmanship. Noda sincerely welcomes your visit!

"2022 Taipei Automation Industry Exhibition"

Please pre-register online and present the admission certificate QR code for entry."

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