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Norda sincerely invites you to participate in the "2023 Taipei Automation Exhibition."



【Embarking on the Path to Sustainability through Dispensing Technology】

The development of technology has brought convenience to our lives, with electronic products being widely and extensively used. Striking a balance between convenience and sustainability can be achieved through dispensing technology and materials. Environmentally friendly hot melt sealing adhesives possess properties such as waterproofing, moisture resistance, dust resistance, high and low-temperature resistance, impact resistance, and peelability. They can replace O-rings and light-blocking foam tapes, while also being removable, reusable, and recyclable, enabling sustainable recycling and reuse of components.

Norda offers applications for environmentally friendly hot melt sealing adhesives, combined with "Pro-Meter VDK metering valves" and "AccuValve metering valves," allowing precise dispensing of high viscosity hot melt adhesives, silicone, butyl rubber, and epoxy resin. This application finds use in products such as car headlights, battery pack covers, outdoor display panels, and more.

Amid the trend of carbon reduction and sustainability, the growth of electric vehicles and the demand for batteries have surged. Nordson has introduced relevant dispensing applications for electric vehicle batteries, including soft pack folding, cell stacking, and battery cover sealing. By utilizing automated dispensing equipment, production efficiency is enhanced, and the usage of tapes and gaskets is reduced.

The miniaturization of electronic product designs has made the dispensing requirements increasingly stringent. Nordson EFD and Asymtek's dispensing equipment can cater to the dispensing needs of most electronic products and electrical components. Paired with various dispensing valves, they can accommodate different fluids for various dispensing processes.

Precise fluid dispensing during the manufacturing process is crucial for improving product yield and reducing costs. The UBA precision metering pump has been widely used in demanding production processes such as battery electrolyte dispensing, invisible lens adhesive dispensing, and semiconductor photoresist dispensing. From low viscosity to high viscosity, and from minute quantities to large volumes, the UBA precision metering pump demonstrates high accuracy and repeatability.

If you are interested in embarking on the path to sustainability through dispensing technology, we welcome you to visit the Norda booth at P119, Hall 2, Nangang Exhibition Center from August 23rd to August 26th. Norda is looking forward to your visit.

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