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Green Packaging Dispensing Technology
Less is More



The world is calling for a reduction in global warming to avoid worsening climate disasters, and "net zero emissions by 2050" has become a global goal. In July 2021, the European Union officially announced the "Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism" plan, which imposes carbon border taxes on high-carbon industrial products. Countries such as the United States, Japan, and South Korea are also working on carbon tariff bills.

When environmental issues become economic issues, it affects every aspect of the production process. In the final packaging stage, how to adjust the dispensing method to reduce carbon emissions and achieve the goal of green packaging?

Howard Chao the marketing manager of Norda Market, discussed in-depth the improvement of the dispensing process for green packaging in the face of global environmental issues in the packaging industry. With many years of professional technical expertise and the advanced equipment developed by Norda, Norda enables operators to pursue high efficiency and low-cost production while also protecting the environment and reducing carbon emissions, doing their part for the planet.If you are interested in the "Less is More" green packaging spraying process, Norda sincerely invites you to participate in the "Green Packaging and Carbon Reduction Trends" online forum organized by TexYear on May 25, 2022 .

Industry leaders are welcome to join together to respond to international future trends and achieve the goal of a sustainable future.

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