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2K Dispenser

Nordson Micro-Meter

Precisely repeatable two-component metering series to meet tight-tolerance manufacturing requirements – simple to configure and easy to maintain

Series of durable two-component meters for dispensing 0.10 to 25 cc volume shots of material, up to 1,500 psi or 15 cc per second.

• High Ratio and Volume Repeatability to Enhance Production Quality

• Simple to Install, Operate and Service to Prevent Manufacturing Downtime

• Compact, Light and Agile to Fit in All Production Environments

Always on Point

For potting, encapsulating, gasketing, micro-dispensing, composite filling or structural bonding two-component materials up to 750,000 cps, the Micro-Meter is a proven leader across a wide range of general industries including aerospace, battery, electronics and medical.

Featuring positive rod volumetric displacement for guaranteed repeatability on every application, and an innovative, modular design that enables robotic efficiency, process flexibility and straight-forward maintenance, the Micro-Meter family makes two-component dispensing easy.

Multiple Drive Options

Providing basic or advanced actuation and control methods to meet customer application needs for material thickness variations, bead pattern complexity, power factor requirements and production speed demands.

Simple Air Purge

Quick-access air bleed valves are located at the top of the metering cylinder, enabling easy air purge during initial wetout or material pail changes, reducing operator involvement.

Enclosed Lubrication Chamber Prolongs Life

Guaranteed lubrication of metering rod, bearing and seals allow automation freedom in any position, even when mounted upside down or on a robot.

Positive Rod Metering

As the rod moves through the material, the exact volume is displaced to the perfect volumetric ratio time and time again, ensuring production quality.

Volume-Optimized Cylinder Provides Better Control

Two pre-set stroke-starts position options optimze the material volume, ensuring every dispense is as efficient as possible.

Multiple Material Capabilities

Specially designed material flow path paired with positive rod displacement allows for long life while dispensing thin or thick materials, even with abrasive qualities.

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