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Fluid Dispensing System


The in-line and batch Quantum® systems deliver uncompromising quality, value and productivity for demanding fluid dispensing applications

  • Patented advanced closed-loop process controls for maximizing product yield

  • Automated calibration enables quick and repeatable set-up

  • Standard features including range-finding laser height sensor, digital vision system, and substrate heating capability

  • Large 423 x 458 mm dispense area* offers substrate size flexibility and can handle more parts per load for higher productivity

  • In-line or batch process configuration to address evolving fluid dispensing needs


The Quantum system with Nordson ASYMTEK's jet and valve technology is the cost-effective solution for many demanding mid- to high-complexity fluid dispensing requirements for PCBA, SMT, industrial and other electronic assembly applications including:

  • CSP, BGA and board-level underfill

  • Corner and edge bonding

  • Dam and fill

  • Potting and encapsulation

  • Surface mount adhesives

  • Conductive epoxy

  • Larger board or substrate size


For batch processes, the Quantum batch system elevates precision batch dispensing to next level of refinement. The Quantum dispenser's production-proven X-Y overhead gantry motion system brings high performance dispensing accuracy, speed, and reliability to batch processing. With up to 423 x 458 mm dispense area*, the system is excellent for larger work-piece and dual-valve dispensing providing application flexibility.


The Quantum® Q-6800 Series offers uncompromising quality, speed, flexibility and value for batch and inline dispensing applications with mid- to higher-level complexity.

Advanced Process Control

The Quantum Series includes advanced process management features such as a fluid weight scale, patented Mass Flow Control (MFC)/Calibrated Process Jetting™ (CPJ) closed-loop process control, range-finding laser height sensor, digital vision system with enhanced fiducial image processing, and programmable substrate heat capability.

Expert Value and Support

Our worldwide engineering, applications development and technical service network provide expert support from initial process development through full-scale production.

​Features & Benefits

  • Large dispense area (423 x 458 mm) ideal for dual-valve dispensing and a wide-range of substrate sizes

  • Range-finding laser height sensor enables fast, non-contact dispense height measurement

  • Digital vision system with enhanced vision software for superior imaging detection

  • Patented CPJ process control automatically compensates for changes in fluid viscosity and higher yield.

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