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Spectrum II

Fluid Dispensing System


The world-class precision and quality Spectrum® II system for assembly of mobile electronics, semiconductors, MEMS,SMT and PCBs

The scalable Spectrum II series is ideal for highvolumeproduction of advanced dispensing processes, including underfill, cavity fill, die attach,and encapsulation.


With its flexible, scalable configuration, the Spectrum II can be configured with single or dual lanes, and up to six heat stations with the duallane configuration. The platform is easily upgraded in the field when process needs change.At only 600mm wide without optional pre- and post-heating stations, the Spectrum II maximizes use of precious  production floor space.

Advanced Process Control 

The Spectrum II reduces process variation, increases yield, and reduces cost. Software-managed temperature, fluid and air pressure provide closed-loop control that eliminates the need for operator  adjustment.Calibrated Process Jetting (CPJ™) automatically maintains volumetric repeatability during long production runs. Controlled Process Heat (CpH™) adds recipe-controlled heat management for improved thermal efficiency. 

The Spectrum II's standard digital vision system's high-brightness LEDs with RGB three-color control provides good image contrast and detection capabilities for more accurate and consistent pattern recognition. For the most challenging vision applications, the Monocle™ Vision Package (MVP) enhances contrast and field of view size andresolution even further.

Jet and Valve Technologies 

You can customize the Spectrum II to meet your specific process requirements with industry-leading ASYMTEK jets and valves. A range of options are available, from our popular jets to time-pressure valves to the latest progressive cavity pumps.

Expert Value and Support 

With nearly 40 years of precision fluid dispensing experience and a reputation for the best closed-loop process controls, Nordson provides customers a reliable partner for fluid dispensing development and production. From initial process development through full-scale production, you are supported by our experiencedworldwide engineering, applications development,and technical service network.


  • Scalable design meets current and future requirements for maximum return on investment

  • High precision X-Y-Z motion system

  • Total system wet dispense accuracy for dots and lines

  • Patented, closed-loop process controls for consistent dispense weight over long production runs

  • Optional independent X-Y-Z dual-simultaneous valve dispensing for increased productivity 

  • Integrated vision system with on- or off-axis lighting

  • Optional integrated substrate heating for up to 6 stations

  • Optional programmable dual-axis tilt



  • Calibrated Process Jetting (CPJ)

  • Non-Contact Height Sensor

  • Fids-on-the-Fly Software

  • Continuous Path Motion

  • Multiple Valve Types (Jets, Augers, Time-Pressure, etc.)

  • Multiple Applications (underfill, cavity fill, die attach, precision coating, encapsulation, and more)

  • Fluidmove® software

  • High-Resolution Monocle Vision Package- optional

  • Dual-Action Dispensing - optional

  • Dual-Simultaneous Dispensing;- optional

  • Tilt Dispensing: Single-Axis and Programmable Tilt + Rotate - optional

  • Dual-lane Dispensing for increased throughput - optional

  • Pre-/Dispense/Post-heating to enhance underfill flow-out and curing - optional   

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