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Green Packing Dispensing Craft

Green Packaging Dispensing Craft

As the world rallies to reduce global warming and prevent the intensification of climate disasters, "Net Zero Emissions by 2050" has become a common global goal. In July 2021, the European Union officially announced the "Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism Plan," which imposes a carbon border tax on high-carbon industries. Countries such as the United States, Japan, and South Korea are also developing carbon tariff bills.

When environmental issues become economic issues, the imposition of carbon tariffs due to environmental protection has a revolutionary impact on the production process. At the final packaging stage, how to adjust the dispensing method to reduce carbon emissions and achieve green packaging goals has been Nordson's long-standing goal.

Norda introduces how to achieve green packaging through the "Reduce and Replace" approach.

I. Reduce:

  • Reduce the occurrence of "glue usage, machine energy consumption, and glue carbonization.

    Reduce glue usage: Nordson has introduced the MiniBlue II high-speed pneumatic spray gun with the EcoBead Inspect glue-saving and glue-type detection controller. EcoBead Inspect can be set to save glue at 30%, 40%, 50%, or 60%, and each glue-saving program has ten spray patterns to choose from. Without affecting adhesive strength, glue usage can be reduced by 30% to 50%. The MiniBlue II is currently the fastest pneumatic spray gun in the industry. Used in conjunction with EcoBead Inspect, it not only does not affect production speed and efficiency but also significantly reduces the amount of glue used.

  • Reduce machine energy consumption:

    Nordson's latest hot melt glue machine, ProBlue Flex, introduces Melt-On-Demand (MOD) technology for immediate use and Fulfill automatic adhesive replenishment function for intelligent energy saving. The machine's energy consumption can be reduced by 10-16%. Additionally, the ProBlue Flex's special material casing enhances insulation, reducing heat loss by 13%-28%. Nordson also offers SmartMelt technology for automatic cooling to reduce energy consumption and prevent adhesive carbonization. The 7-day scheduled heating design allows for intelligent packaging production.

  • Reduce adhesive carbonization: To prevent adhesive carbonization, Nordson designed PureFlow silver heating tubes, which effectively prevent carbonization and deterioration of the adhesive material in the tubing and blockage in the nozzle. The chart below shows Nordson's experiment on the color change of heating tube materials from other brands and Nordson's PureFlow heating tube at 176 degrees Celsius. The darker the color, the more severe the carbonization problem. It is evident that the PureFlow hose significantly prevents adhesive carbonization. Nordson also introduced the SureBead automatic nozzle cleaning gun with a needle-tip design and self-cleaning function to reduce nozzle blockages caused by carbonization. Reducing adhesive carbonization during the gluing process means reducing defective products and improving production quality.

2.Replace: Use anti-slip stack spray instead of packaging PE wrapping film

Replacing PE wrapping film with anti-slip stack spray can reduce packaging costs by more than 50%, reduce labor for PE wrapping, and reduce labor costs. Spray anti-slip glue on the cardboard box at the end of the production line, using fully automatic equipment with adjustable speed to match the production speed, thereby increasing production efficiency. The anti-slip glue can improve stack stability and slip resistance, with good air permeability and no moisture to soften the cardboard box, enhancing warehouse safety. It can significantly reduce plastic waste and meet global packaging regulations, promoting green environmental protection.

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