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PUR Melter

Nordson AltaPUR

Easily process small volumes of PUR from adhesive slugs.

AltaPUR adhesive melters simplify use of moisture-cure reactive polyurethane (PUR) hot melt adhesives in two-, three- or four kilogram foil-encased slugs or form-liner slugs with foil bottoms. The user-friendly design offers simple, reliable operation with quick disassembly for ease of cleaning and maintenance. The “melt-ondemand” process uses only the adhesive needed so reduces thermal stress and protects bonding characteristics of the unused PUR, which remains sealed in its foil or form-liner bag. Adjustable force on the slug delivers optimal contact between adhesive and melting grid to minimize adhesive residue in empty bags. The ability to easily use small volumes of PUR helps increase productivity and reduce adhesive waste.


  • Easy to install and operate with no inert gas requirement

  • Simplify clean-up and maintenance with smooth, non-stick, release-coated surfaces and tiltable tank

  • Protect adhesive bonding integrity with melt-on-demand functionality

  • Maximize adhesive usage and reduce residual waste

  • Protect adhesive integrity

  • Provide simple shutdown procedure for overnight or weekends

  • Available in two versions: standard melt rate of 4 kg/hr or high output of 6 kg/hr

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