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Tankless Melter & Fill System

Nordson ProBlue Liberty

ProBlue Liberty tankless system adds and melts only the adhesive you need,
when you need it.

Integrated tankless melter and fill system maintains consistent adhesive levels, increasing uptime while delivering energy and maintenance savings that result in increased operating efficiency and lower per-package costs.

A sensor monitors molten adhesive levels in the hopper and alerts the system when adhesive is needed. The closed system helps maintain adhesive bond strength by minimizing degradation that comes from prolonged thermal exposure, temperature variation and exposure to contaminants.


  • Hopper lid allows for easy access and sealed design maintains adhesive purity by protecting from plant debris.

  • Disposable hydraulic filter is easy to reach and eliminates the need for routine filter flushing.

  • Automatic pressure discharge valve relieves pressure into melter in seconds.

  • Quick-disconnect power and I/O plugs combined with a patented, quick-release base design help simplify set up.

  • Service, maintenance and daily operation can be performed from one side of the melter.

  • Plug-in modules increase uptime by allowing quick addition and removal of hoses and applicators.


  • Improves product quality and bond strength by maintaining consistent adhesive temperature, purity and bead volume.

  • Increases efficiency and safety.

  • Increases uptime with quick and easy maintenance provided by one-sided access to board fuses, quick-disconnect electrical replacement elements and front access to filter, pump and controls.

  • Increases plant operating efficiency by lengthening maintenance cycle and parts life while reducing machine jamming from pop-opens.

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