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Nordson's hot melt adhesive dispensing technology and equipment can meet the requirements of the packaging industry for patterns, quality and functions. Nordson's equipment ensures the system stability and production consistency, dispensing without messy stringing, tailing or squeeze out. Whether it is manual, semi-automatic, or fully automatic system, it can effectively improve production efficiency, reduce costs, and increase product added value.

In order to continuously optimize the hot melt dispensing performance and customer experience, Nordson keeps improving the quality and functions of the hot melt dispensing machine in the packaging line, and launched new products such as PureFlow anti-carbonization hose , Fulfill-automatic filling system and other products. Also, Nordson improves the communication between dispensing machine and parent machine, as well as the Wi-Fi wireless monitoring function, customers are able to access production information for analysis.


ProBlue Flex Melter

PureFlow Hose

MiniBlue II Applicator

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