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EcoBead Inspect

Pattern Generation

Nordson EcoBead Inspect

Economical and easy to use, the EcoBead Inspect lets you dispense short, intermittent bead patterns and verify the placement of adhesive on a surface.​

Intelligent and connected

Using a sensor mounted to the front of the applicator, the EcoBead Inspect verifies glue placement starting from the first product with no complicated programming. It can interface with a parent machine, and the output signal can be used to stop the line, illuminate a light tower, sound a horn or eject a product if your parameters for adhesive application are not met.

Effective continuous improvement

The ability to inspect adhesive application is invaluable; but there has been no simple solution to meet this need – until now. No other solution is as easy or affordable as Nordson's EcoBead Inspect.With a patented, simple, drop-in design, the EcoBead Inspect delivers significant adhesive savings through the stitching functionality while ensuring the integrity of the designated adhesive pattern through thermal detection.

Simple adhesive verification

The need to reprogram your PLC or to add conventional pattern controllers and sensors to your line is eliminated. The EcoBead™ Inspect is easy to install and connects directly to a Saturn® Platinum (SP) solenoid valve, which provides air to a MiniBlue® II adhesive applicator.The EcoBead Inspect “learns” an incoming applicator pattern and implements a stitched pattern to realize significant glue savings without compromising overall pattern accuracy or bond strength.Adhesive savings can range from 30 percent to over 50 percent. Your savings will depend on your application.

Reduce product returns

Nordson has a long history of innovation, devoted to finding better solutions for our customers. Nordson designed this verification solution to help customers reduce product rework and product returns.The EcoBead Inspect allows users to confirm the quality of the seal on every package, resulting in exponential cost-savings.

Customer-centered solution

The EcoBead Inspect is designed to be convenient and extremley user friendly.

  • Easy installation with simple, drop-in design.

  • Built-in laser pointer that helps to aim sensor head.

  • Automatically stitches for adhesive savings - no PLC programming.

  • Reduced setup time with rotary switch interface.

  • Increased inspection accuracy with built-in laser pointer.

  • Easily fine-tune the position of the sensor – no tools needed.

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