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MiniBlue II

Hot Melt Applicator

Nordson MiniBlue II

MiniBlue II applicators set the industry standard for service life, speed, reliability and performance, reducing maintenance and downtime.

Industry-best service life and performance combine with application flexibility to increase productivity and lower operating costs.


  • Two interchangeable module technologies are available for MiniBlue II applicators:

      - Enhanced ball-and-seat (BAS) design for excellent cutoff in the MiniBlue II BAS module.

      - Patented, self-cleaning, integrated needle and reduced cavity in the MiniBlue II SureBead module .

  • Both module types incorporate patented Reflex™ seal technology for superior life.

  • MiniBlue II BAS modules accept easily removable Nordson Saturn nozzles‧

  • MiniBlue II SureBead modules are available in sizes ranging from .008 in. to .040 in. for maximum application flexibility.

  • MiniBlue II applicators are available in the following formats:

      - Compact, energy efficient single

      - Module slim line

      - Single module and configurable standard body

      - Direct fit retrofit for Best Choice™ SolidBlue® S and SolidBlue A applicators

      - Multi-module Low-Profile (BAS module only)

  • Engineered, high-temperature plastic insulating covers are standard on MiniBlue II slim line applicators.

  • All applicators include Saturn® filters

  • Water-wash versions are also available.


  • Module and solenoid combination reduces the performance gap between pneumatic and electric applicators

  • Longest operating life of any pneumatic applicator in the packaging industry; reduces replacement frequency and cost.

  • Fast cycle times and superior high-speed performance.

  • Stronger air-open/air-close force promotes sharp cutoff, cleaner adhesive patterns and high-speed operation.

  • Enables savings using intermittent bead dispensing.

  • Reduces energy use up to 38 percent and improves safety by minimizing exposure to hot surfaces.

  • Virtually eliminates nozzle clogging, minimizing downtime and maintenance with MiniBlue II SureBead module.

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