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Medical Application


Contact Lenses

The UBA Precision Metering Pump has extremely high metering accuracy and repeatability, with accuracy better than plus or minus one percent.


Medical & Life Science

Nordson's precise dispensing systems are widely used in: Blood Glucose Test Strips Coating/Needle Seat Bonding/Spraying Lubricant in Syringe/Endoscope Lens Module Assembly/​Medical Catheter and Dialysis Equipment Manufacturing​/Distribution of Biological Liquid


Wound Dressing

Norda’s special flow passage design of the coating die and suitable filter selection reduces the equipment blockage from the adhesive char.


Acne Pad

Norda assists customers in planning the entire production process : from the selection of coating materials and equipment, the design and configuration of the coater, and to the final product packing.



Precision dispensing of reagents for medical and life science device assembly ensures accuracy, consistency during production

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