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Vulcan Jet

Dispensing Systems

Nordson Vulcan Jet

Vulcan Jet series dispensing systems provide an advanced, intelligent dispensing solution with piezo-based jetting technology.

Available in 30 mL size, the Vulcan Jet applicator feature a modular, easy-to-clean design with dual heating zones to prolong adhesive life. A separate nozzle heater provides precise fluid temperature control for optimum dispensing.


When combined with the Unity™ tabletop automation system, overall accuracy and functionality of the Vulcan Jet applicators are enhanced with vision guidance, linear encoded motion and easy-touch dispensing software to optimize the process and motion control.


The system’s easy-to-use 7" touchscreen controller interface offers flow monitoring capabilities to alert users when adhesive drops below a pre-determined threshold. The controller also allows operators to monitor applicator temperatures and overall system status directly from the home screen.


  • Non-contact dispensing applies adhesive accurately at high speeds at a maximum 6 mm distance to the substrate

  • Capable of continuous cycles at 330 Hz for ultra-high speed dispensing

  • Smaller mass and advanced design allow applicators to heat up rapidly utilizing a 24V connection

  • Automatic pressure compensation adjusts for changes in adhesive viscosity, keeping dot dispensing consistent over time

  • Adhesive level monitoring

  • Temperature standby/set back

  • Cap safety technology provides cap integrity and stability during times of high internal pressure

  • Accommodates a wide range of hot melt materials, including polyurethane (PUR)


  • Protects operators from incidental touch

  • Highly consistent, accurate dispensing decreases the amount of rejected products and improves productivity

  • Modular design and robust, long-life parts reduce equipment maintenance and overall downtime

  • After nozzle change, our one-button stroke adjustment allows for consistent dispensing

  • Variable interfaces allow for quick connection to parent machines

  • Discrete I/O

  • Virtual network control

  • Removable cartridges allow for quick changeover and start-up, maximizing production times

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