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Pneumatic Check Valve

UBA P3–C/P4-C Series

The UBA Check Valve Style Dispensing Pumps are designed for dispensing low to medium viscosity liquid without contain particles.


  • The UBA Check Valve Style Dispensing Pumps are   designed for dispensing low to medium viscosity liquid without contain particles.

  • Precise micrometers volume adjustment and built-in speed control system ensure dispensing accuracy and plunger motion speed control, by which the pumps are suitable for different  working condition. Typical accuracy is within ±0.5.

  • Complete 316 stainless steel pump construction. All pump parts have  better rot-proof performance compare with imported pumps, especially  on Li-Ion electrolyte application.

  • P4-C series pumps have special pneumatic-electric control unit with forward position sensor. The plunger may return automatically after  complete dispensing stroke. Patent build-in speed control units make the pump more compact. Reliable pneumatic-electric valve ensure  no leakage operation. 

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