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PUR Melter

Nordson Versa Pur

Highly-versatile adhesive melters process moisture curing polyurethane (PUR) hot melts from foil-encased slugs.

Based on years of worldwide experience, Nordson designed the VersaPUR slug melters to process PUR hot melts from environmentally-friendly, 20-liter foil-encased slugs. A pneumatic piston lowers a stamp with adjustable force onto the foil bag for optimal contact between adhesive and melting grid. The force presses the adhesive out of the bag leaving virtually no residue. The empty bag can be disposed of easily.

VersaPUR melters offer melt-on-demand (MOD) functionality to reduce thermal stress and protect bonding characteristics of unused PUR. To process the PUR hot melt, the open bag is pressed directly onto the melt grid. The level of molten adhesive in the melter reservoir triggers the pneumatic piston as well as grid heating to switch ON and OFF.

Many new standard, programmable features simplify daily operation and maintenance to meet increased productivity requirements. VersaPUR slug melters are configurable, offering flexibility for specific production and application requirements.


  • Graphical touch-screen control provides visibility and monitoring of system status.

  • Smooth, non-stick release coated surfaces and tiltable tank provide easy access and ease of clean-up and maintenance.

  • Stamp design minimizes the amount of adhesive remaining in the foil bag.

  • Industrial PC (IPC) provides intuitive melter control of all relevant functions – pump speed, temperatures, etc. – for reproducible adhesive bonding quality.

  • Two (2) measuring sensors installed in the reservoir provide both “slug low” and “slug empty” warnings to operator to minimize machine downtime.

  • Swiveling tank lid allows easy change of foil bags.

  • Refill hopper without machine stop as reservoir holds sufficient molten adhesive for replacing adhesive slugs.

  • Exhaust hood allows for emission-free change of foil bag.

  • Dead spaces in hydraulic passages eliminated to avoid undesired curing.

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