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Electrolyte Filling

electrolyte fulling

Lithium-ion batteries, supercapacitors

Lithium-ion electrolyte is highly corrosive chemical liquid, to crystallize readily generate highly corrosive hydrofluoric acid reacts with the moisture. Electrolyte before storage and transportation and use, stored in a high pressure inert gas poured seal tank. Since the action of the gas pressure, a large amount of gas dissolved electrolyte and saturation. Thus, the general characteristics of the lithium ion electrolyte solution containing gases, tend to crystallize, corrosive. Lithium-ion batteries liquid injection, is the key point of the battery production process, but also an industry problem. Injection pump for various applications in lithium-ion battery, refer to our analysis.

UBA have developed Solenoid Valve Pump, Servo Metering 3-ways Valve Pump, Interaction 3-ways Valve Pump and Vacuum Filling Nozzle, which are more suitable for Li-Ion electrolyte with more accurate and durable. Lower maintenance costs。

Lithium-ion batteries, supercapacitors

Alkaline batteries and nickel-metal hydride nickel-cadmium battery production needs to inject KOH electrolyte. One-way valve in the injection pump KOH electrolyte application has decades of experience, is the most suitable pump applications in this regard. Choose according to demand pump check valve pneumatic pump and electric pump check valve。

Alkaline zinc manganese battery production needs Note cream. Zinc ointment is KOH, zinc powder mixed into a paste metal materials. Rotary valve type injection pump battery zinc cream, is also showing the most accurate and stable performance。

Lithium batteries, lead-acid batteries

Electrolyte lithium batteries are thionyl chloride electrolyte, the case of the water into a very strong acid, strong electrolyte diffusion. Due to highly corrosive, many domestic manufacturers remained at the stage of manual injection fluid。

UBA provide resistance to acid injection pump of lithium batteries lithium batteries for some domestic manufacturers. Has nearly 10 years of experience in the successful application. Lead-acid battery electrolyte is sulfuric acid, can use the same pump。

Button batteries, capacitors

Button batteries: alkaline manganese button batteries, micro injection KOH; zinc-air battery, micro injection KOH; lithium manganese button batteries, alkaline electrolyte injection trace

Capacitors: hydrolysis capacitors, polymer electrolyte capacitor corrosion, medium viscosity, usually takes note of trace electrolyte。

Years of practical application verified, UBA micro injection pump ED series was the most accurate and stable。


E-D Series Pump

E-R Series Pump

Vacuum Filling System

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