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Laboratory Equipment

塗佈貼合機 Slot Coater

​ Laboratory Equipment-

Norda continues to invest in laboratory equipment to provide customers with different applications testing, sampling and small-volume manufacturing. Norda laboratory equipment includes:​​

  • High-speed Coater

  • A Variety of Slot Dies

  • Six-axis Robot

  • XYZ Table

  • Hotmelt Dispensing System

  • Microwave UV Curing System

  • Cold Glue Dispensing Equipment

  • 2-component Material Dispensing System​

​ Applications

From car lamp assembly, solar panel assembly, screen assembly, roll-to-roll coating to smart phones and wearable devices assembly, Norda's laboratory equipment allows customers to verify machines' capabilities under the testing standards, and to have a complete understanding of the functions before purchase to reduce the risk of equipment investment.

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