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Custom Design


​- Norda R&D Team -

Norda's professional R&D team was established in 2001, learning from Japanese consultant who has more than 50 years of experience and countless successful cases in coating equipment and adhesive dispensing applications. Norda's R&D team has professional capabilities of customizing equipment, and has successfully developed many products for coating and dispensing, and UV curing technology applications. 

​​Norda continues to elevate dispensing and coating capability through cooperating with the Taiwan Metal Industry R&D Center and universities. In recent years, Norda has expanded the scope of product applications to high-tech fields such as 5G  thermal management, electric vehicle batteries, touch screen and solar panels.

- Successful Cases -

UV Curing 紫外線固化


Microwave Electrodeless UV Curing System

SuperCool Microwave Electrodeless UV Curing System is integrated with Nordson microwave UV lamp head, conveyor belt and air cooling system. It's able to maintain operation temperature below 55°C while achieving high UVA energy of 13.5J/c㎡.

Sutible for: UV curing process of CMOS image sensor package, optical film, touch screen, heat-sensitive electronic components.



Precise Metering Valve

Norda AccuValve precise metering valve features the uni-body design of the gear pump metering system and the dispensing valve. It can be used with the commercially available 300mL cartridge packaged heated / non-heated materials, and controls the dispensing tolerance within ±1%.

Suitable for: small car lamp bonding, mobile phone, tablet and other electronic products screen frame bonding.



Precise Metering Station

The JL300 precise metering system uses a gear pump to quantify materials, can use a platen system or a 300ml packaging adhesive to supply material. It's able to accurately dispensing various heated/non-heated materials.

​Suitable for: auto lamps, solar panel junction box assembly, etc.



Non-heated Metering System

CT5R non-heated metering system is capable of utilizing 5-gallon packaging materials, such as Silicone, Polyurethane, lubricants, etc. Gear pump metering allows CT5R to precisely control the output and improve the overall dispensing performance.

Suitable for: auto lamps assembly

狹縫式塗佈機Slot Coater

Customized Hot Melt Coater

Norda's customized hot-melt adhesive coating and laminating equipment is integrated with Nordson hot-melt adhesive dispensing system, and can output materials stably and accurately. Norda R&D team can design the coating machines according to customer's needs.

Suitable for: tape, label, hydrocolloid dressing, acne patch, scar removal patch.

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