Norda's Social Responsibility

Dedicate to Protect the Environment and Create Tri-win Situation

Since established in 1983, Norda commits to promoting environmentally friendly hot melt adhesives in replacement of solvent-based adhesives. Productions that use hot melt and Norda's equipment doesn't produce toxic byproducts that harm the environment and the customer's health.

Mr. Chao Lingta, the chairman of Norda,​ often said that Norda wants to create a "tri- wins" which refers to creating profits for customers by selling high quality equipment, to getting continuous orders which makes Norda a stable growth, and to promoting environmental protection and social responsibilities.

​- Loving, Sharing and Giving Back to The Community -

With the spirit of giving back to the society, on January 12th, 2015, Mr. Chao Lingta represented Norda Company to donate a rehabilitation bus to New Taipei City. Mr. Chao hopes to set an example for staffs in the company and people in society for taking care of vulnerable groups. In addition, Norda continues to cooperate with research institutes and universities, and exchange the latest technology and research in academia and industry. Norda also provides internship opportunities for students to guide, elevate and equip young people in Taiwan with work ability and competitiveness.