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Norda sincerely invites you to participate in the 【2023 Healthcare Expo. Taiwan】



Medical x Technology x Biotechnology

The global precision healthcare industry is on the rise, with continuous innovation and development in biomedical technology moving towards precision and intelligence. In the stage of mass production and widespread adoption, related precision manufacturing equipment is indispensable. Norda understands that fluid dispensing systems in the biomedical equipment sector must meet strict requirements for product quality and consistency, with process control being a critical issue.

Nordson EFD provides repeatable precision fluid dispensing equipment to meet the demands of improving process control, including process verification and traceability. The disposable dispensing components offered by Nordson EFD are made from US Pharmacopeia (USP) VI-grade resin and are suitable for life-critical applications. The molding, processing, and packaging all take place in certified silicon-free facilities in the United States.

In the manufacturing of precision biomedical products, precise micro  dispensing is becoming increasingly important. Norda recommends the UBA precision dispensing pump for biomedical product manufacturing, which demonstrates excellent consistency in microdosing applications such as contact lens reagent, collagen , and more. Even with a requirement for a 5ul dosing volume, it maintains an accuracy of ±1%.

The "Healthcare+ Expo Taiwan" will be held at the Nangang Exhibition Hall 1 from November 30 to December 1. Norda will be at booth N003 on the 4th floor to share the technology and applications of precision fluid dispensing and microdosing in the biomedical industry. We welcome your visit.

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