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About Norda

Norda, established in 1983, is the exclusive distributor of the American Nordson of hot melt machines, and has now reached its 40th anniversary. Enduring the transformations in Taiwan's industrial structure and the challenges posed by the global financial crisis, Norda has become more streamlined, robust, and continuously grown, embodying a leadership philosophy that defies conventional norms – stability, profitability, growth, and reputation, providing the optimal interpretation for Norda's corporate management context.


Norda's pursuit of core corporate values lies in creating a triple win – sustaining its own operations, ensuring continuous profitability for its customers, and safeguarding the environment. In order to achieve its vision, investments in talent development and equipment research and development have been increasing year by year. While expanding the application scope to maximize the value of its products, Norda also considers the application of environmentally friendly adhesive equipment, contributing dedicated efforts to the ecological well-being of the Earth.


During the phase of cultural and organizational inheritance, along with the transmission of human, technical, and resource capabilities, Norda has simultaneously introduced Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for performance evaluation and established institutionalized company systems. This strategic approach prepares Norda to navigate a more diverse industrial environment and tackle business challenges, ensuring that its 40-year-old brand continues to shine brightly and remains highly competitive.


Norda's continuous growth and vitality owe much to the support and care of the industry's pioneers and the long-term backing from its customers. Despite challenging economic conditions, the company has consistently achieved record-high performance, a testament to the relentless efforts of its employees and the selfless support of their families. Norda's steadfast leadership philosophy, characterized by numerical achievements, visionary goals, and enduring dreams, has solidified its position in corporate management.












In 1983, chairman Mr. Lingta Chao, founded "Norda Trading Co., Ltd." and formally became the sole distributor in Taiwan for Nordon Corporation's  hot melt adhesive dispensing equipment. Norda's headquarters was initially established in Linsen North Road, Taipei City.

In 1987, Norda Taichung Branch was formally established in Xitun District, Taichung City, to strengthen services for customers in central Taiwan.

In 1989, Norda Tainan Branch was formally established in Annan District, Tainan City, to strengthen services for customers in southern Taiwan.

In 1993, Norda's headquarters moved to Barton Industrial Park, Guishan District, Taoyuan City, and changed the company name to "Norda Co., Ltd.”

In 2001, Norda officially established an R&D department responsible for custom design, and total solution of automatic dispensing and UV curing system.

In 2006, Norda set up Dongguan Office in China to strengthen services to Taiwanese companies in China.

In 2014, Norda officially established the marketing department to promote Norda products.

In 2020, Norda's new Tainan office was completed. Since the end of December 2020, Norda Tainan Branch has relocated to Heshun Industrial Park.

In 2020, Norda's new Tainan office was completed. Since the end of December 2020, Norda Tainan Branch has relocated to Heshun Industrial Park.

In 2023, Norda acquired the hot melt  coating equipment ND6125, establishing a hot melt adhesive coating OEM business. This initiative aims to promote environmentally friendly, solvent-free coating methods.

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