Norda AccuValve 300ml Metering Valve

Norda AccuValve precise metering valve features the uni-body design of the gear pump metering system and the dispensing valve. It can be used with the commercially available 300mL cartridge packaged heated / non-heated materials.


  • Gear metering system prevents the material output from being affected by the inlet air pressure or the material viscosity, and keeps the output tolerance be controlled within ±1%.

  • Standard 300mL cartridge packaged materials can be placed directly into the system. Reduce the down time of changing the glue.

  • The uni-body design of the gear pump metering system and the dispensing valve achieves real-time, precision, and stability of dispensing.

  • HMI displays the dispensed amount and remaining amount display, and issues a warning when the remaining amount is low. 

  • ​Suitable for high accuracy demanded products and applications, such as small auto lamp, medical products, applying thermal materials onto 5G products, edge bonding of touch screens and displays. 

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