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Dispensing System

ASYMTEK Forte Series

Exceptional dispensing productivity and accuracy for high-volume MEMs, flex circuit, and electromechanical and PCB assembly.

With a highly stable chassis and newly designed electrical and mechanical architectures, the Forte Series delivers UPH gain through swift acceleration and improved motion control. Added stability in the chassis accommodates high-speed motion in the x, y, and z-axis without sacrificing placement accuracy.

Fast Track Your Process

  • Boost UPH with Forte MAX dual-valve – Run two of the same valves or two different valves with a single set of hardware. Dual-simultaneous mode dispenses a single fluid type from two identical valves. And dual-action allows independent, sequential dispensing of two fluid types from two different valves.

  • Tackle point-to-point moves with top-of-the-line 1.5 G acceleration.

  • Make the most of valuable production floor space with a space-saving footprint.

  • Simplify programming with modern and intuitive Canvas® fluid dispensing software.

Boost UPH with Forte MAX

Put yourself in the UPH driver seat with Forte MAX. Forte MAX dual-valve hardware lets you run two high-frequency IntelliJet® Jetting Systems simultaneously for applications with multi-up, panelized, or patterned parts with consistent spacing. Or, dispense two different fluids on the same part from two different valves – an excellent option for dam and fill encapsulation and high-mix production environments.

Shifted parts and varied component height won’t slow you down. Your dual-valve system is equipped with patented* real-time correction to automatically adjust for skewed parts and component height variation in the x, y, and z-axis.

A standard integrated dual-valve service station, patented* closed-loop process controls, and nozzle cleaning rail reduce operator maintenance, improve productivity, and keep your process within set limits.

Effortless Programming and Insight

  • Canvas dispensing software simplifies programming tasks and provides insight and control over your process.

  • Graphical programming lets you scan a workpiece, develop your program on or offline, and simulate the dispensing results on a virtual canvas.

  • Guided wizards provide easy step-by-step setup instructions.

  • Quick-reference graphing and data tiles allow you to control how system sensors and process data are displayed.

Flexible Range of Applications

  • PCBA

  • Flex circuit assembly

  • EMA

  • Precise coating

  • Encapsulation

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