ND-2000 Hotmelt Coater

ND-2000 Series Multi-functional Coater

​ND-2000 series multi-functional coater is small-size and compact, can be integrated with Nordson Alta TT 4-liter or 10-liter melter. It's suitable for testing, sampling or small production in laboratories or R&D centers.

  • Glue width: Max. 200 mm

  • Speed: Max. 150 m/min

  • Operation Temperature: Max. 230 ℃

  • It can be used with UV glue, PSA, EVA and other hot melt adhesives.

  • UV glue: integrates with Nordson CoolWave UV curing system.

  • Small size: 200 cm x 110 cm x 150 cm.

  • Suitable for using in laboratories and R&D centers.

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