Norda News

November, 2020
Nordson's latest melter ProBlue Flex will be exhibited at 2020 Taipei International Packaging Industry Show

Norda is participating in the "2020 Taipei International Packaging Industry Show" at booth P0203, 1F, Taipei Nangang Hall 2, from June 19 (Wed.) to June 22 (Sat.). The latest Nordson packaging machine ProBlue Flex will be revealed. It's a new melter that Nordson designed for the next generation of production line. 

In addition to ProBlue Flex, different applicators and Nordson anti-slip dispensing palletization application will also be demonstrated at the show.

​July, 2020
Norda's first time to participate in Kaohsiung Industrial Automation Exhibition

Norda is participating in 2020 Kaohsiung Industrial Automation Exhibition at Booth S5044, in Kaohsiung Exhibition Hall from August 6th (Thu.) to August 9th (Sun.).


Nordson Pro-Meter V2K , Nordson Pico Pulse non-contact jetting valve, UBA precise metering pump, and thermal paste dispensing equipment will be demonstrated dynamically in the exhibition. Norda is able to provide customized and automated equipment planning according to the different needs, and propose professional solutions. We sincerely invite you to visit 2020 Kaohsiung Industrial Automation Exhibition.

​July, 2019
Nordson Battery Industry Solutions

With the rising global environmental awareness and the development of electric vehicles and solar power industries, Nordson proposed the dispensing solution of the small battery cells production, electric vehicle battery modules assembly, thermal paste dispensing application, and large solar panel array integration. A series of complete solutions, with Nordson's precise and reliable equipment, improve the quality and efficiency of battery products and processes.

2019 包裝展.png
​June, 2019
Norda participates in 2019 Taipei International Packaging Industry Show

Norda is participating in the "2019 Taipei International Packaging Industry Show" at booth P0203, 1F, Taipei Nangang Hall 2, from June 19 (Wed.) to June 22 (Sat.). The latest Nordson packaging machines such as ProBlue Liberty ATS and different applicators will be demonstrated dynamically at the booth. Norda is able to provide suitable and complete solutions according to customer needs.

​In addition, Norda will hold a seminar on the topic of Hot-Melt Packaging Cost Reduction Solutions on June 21 in Taipei Nangang Hall II Conference Room 601. We welcome all the industry leaders to come and share experiences with us.

May, 2018
Norda participates in the 2018 Taipei International Packaging Industry Show

In response to the increasingly automated and progressive packaging industry, Norda will participate in the "2018 Taipei International Packaging IndustryShow" from June 27 to June 30, 2018 at booth D0030, 1F, Taipei World Trade Center I. The latest Nordson packaging equipment such as ProBlue Liberty ATS and different applicators will be dynamically demonstrated at the site.

Nordson ATS 熱熔膠機
May, 2017
Nordson ATS - Adhesive Tracking System

Nordson ATS contains a precise gear flow meter, it can directly measure the glue volume and alert the system when exceeding the volume range.

The advantages of ATS include:

  • Able to track the total consumption of hot melt adhesive, the amount of glue applied to each package and the total amount of products.

  • Through Ethernet IP and field bus connection, complete remote real-time monitoring.

  • The upper and lower limits of the glue amount can be adjusted to identify the unqualified products.

2016 Touch Taiwan
August, 2018
Norda participated in 2016 Smart Display and Touch Exhibition

In response to the diversified touch panel and optical film markets, Norda is going to participate in 2016 Touch Taiwan Smart Display and Touch Exhibition at booth M506 of Nangang Exhibition Hall on August 24.


We will demonstrate Nordson jetting valve, UV glue coating system, low temperature microwave UV curing system, automatic panel dispensing system. Norda will provide customers with production process integration and panel application solutions.

January, 2016
Nordson OEM Parent Machine PLC integration kit

The Nordson PLC integration kit makes it faster and easier for PLC engineers to integrate the hot melt dispensing system with the parent machine. This free PLC integration kit allows OEMs to reduce costs: from 50 hours of PLC programming time to less than a day, or even less than an hour.

ProBlue Liberty熱熔膠自動供膠系統
May, 2014
Nordson ProBlue Liberty™ - Automatic Adhesive Filling System

Liberty™ was the automatic adhesive filling system of Nordson Freedom™ Tankless Melter, and now it can be integrated with Nordson ProBlue Melter. Nordson ProBlue Liberty is able to reduce the energy and material waste, and prevent charring and down time.

Freedom 壁掛式熱熔膠機
April, 2013
Nordson Freedom™ Hotmelt Dispensing System

Nordson developed the Freedom™ tankless melter: it is able to melt glue quickly and avoid the glue charring problem. With automatic adhesive filling system and MiniBlue II spray gun, customers can save up to 50% glue.