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Hotmelt dispensing system can be used in packaging, product assembly, non-woven, PET & PP transparent box gluing industries, by applying hot melt adhesives such as EVA, PUR, pressure-sensitive adhesives, etc..

Microwave electrodeless UV curing system can be used in optical film or electronic components manufacturing process, and can be integrated with a conveyor belt.


Slot die and coating technology can be used with solvent glue, cold glue, hot melt, etc., and can be used in tape, label, textile, shoes, hydrocolloid dressing , electronic tape, medical tape and other industries.


1-component dispensing system is suitable for utilizing high viscosity materials such as Silicone, sealant, and can be used in auto lamps, solar power products, electric vehicle batteries, and electronic components manufacturing process.  


2-component dispensing system can be used in electric vehicle batteries, solar power products, automotive products, golf clubs, electronic components, LED products applications.


Cold glue dispensing equipment can be applied to carton forming, corrugated paper bonding, business envelopes, advertising letters, book binding, etc.


Precise dispensing system can be used in smart phones, touch screens, panels, and wearable devices applications.


About Norda

Established in 1983, Norda is the sole distributor for Nordson hot melt adhesive dispensing equipment in Taiwan. Through nearly 40 years of hard work and developing dispensing technology, Norda's expertise in dispensing and coating has been recognized by numerous customers. Norda has become Nordson's best hot melt dispensing system distributor in the world.

Norda continues to develop dispensing technology and set up our own R&D team, and has the ability to provide professional total solution for automatic or semi-automatic processes.

Our business include:


​1. Hot Melt Dispensing System

2. Cold Glue Dispensing System

3. Microwave UV Curing System

4. Coating and Laminating Machine

5. 1K/ 2K Dispensing System

6. Precise Dispensing System

7. Customized Equipment

8. Coating and Dispensing OEM Services



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